Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Poop-splosion and Baby Giggles

I was thinking all day about what I was going to write for my first blog post when a story happened to us! What's better than real life, right?

A little background; my husband and I are the happy, often exhausted, sometimes frustrated, and slightly nutty parents to one amazing, focused, energetic, and down-right adorable 9 month old boy whom we like to call dude-y! We both work outside of the home and do our best to keep the house at least functional to have all the supplies available for each day with our little man. So, on to tonight's gut-busting story!

Dinner is mostly uneventful until dude-y decides to pick up the sippy cup that had been placed back on his tray after it was dropped on the floor. The cup lid must have been knocked loose from the fall because water begins pouring out of it! We start laughing at the water streaming out and dude-y grins big and lets out his amazingly hardy laugh! Then we laugh more and he returns more baby giggles and we laugh and he laughs! After about 5 minutes of back and forth laughter, we finally all stop laughing. Tears are almost streaming down my face! Dinner is over and bath time is about to begin (a necessity after almost every meal with a 9 month old!).

We start getting the bath ready. I decide to take care of some laundry while my husband starts the bath. I manage to get the diapers out of the dryer, the wet load into the dryer, and begin to load the next pile of laundry when I hear my husband calling desperately for me. I walk into the bathroom to the most ridiculous thing I may have ever seen in my life. There is my husband ready to get into the bath with dude-y, poop smeared all over his belly, poop on the baby's butt, a half unsnapped poopy diaper on the floor, and a look of sheer horror on my husband's face! My husband forgot to check the diaper before removing it and ended up covered in it!!! I rush in, grab the baby, and start dipping his butt in the tub to get the poop off. I unplug the drain so we can all get a shower to clean up and it doesn't drain! There's poop floating everywhere and I'm trying to keep dude-y from playing in it! My husband grabs the plunger and starts plunging the drain all while looking totally mortified as I hold the baby and begin chuckling at the fiasco. Finally we get the tub emptied and cleaned so that we can all clean up. Our bedtime routine is restored and we finish getting our little man ready for bed.

I hope you enjoyed our poop filled night and I hope my husband doesn't mind that I shared. ;-)