Sunday, January 4, 2015

Keeping up with Sick Kids

My boys are both sick. Yuck! Seems they got the flu or some other yucky upper respiratory infection. The flu has been going around. The children at their daycare and their relatives have been testing positive for the flu. At Christmas, their cousin was really sick. I also seem to have caught it. Boo! However, I have found something that keeps me going and gives me enough energy to keep up with the sad, whiny sickies.

I was introduced to Shaklee by my daycare provider. She went on and on about how great it was and how rarely her family got sick. I didn't believe her. I have taken vitamins in the past and I have had good results, but nothing fantastic.  I also was not willing to spend that amount on some vitamins (yeah, I can be cheap). She kept talking to me for a year. She'd give me samples to help dude-y get better (he rarely took them, that lovely, strong-willed child of mine). He was really sick all of last year and I just chalked it up to it being his first year of daycare. We dealt with all the upper respiratory and sinus stuff plus pneumonia, pink eye, and stomach bugs!

Enter the second year of daycare for dude-y and hux-ta-bux's first year of daycare. At first they were doing well. Then September hit and I think I was out every single week with either one or both of them. I had no other options at the time, so I burned through a lot of leave. I was desperate for something else. So I ordered the Vitalizer Women for myself and the Incredivites for dude-y. I was skeptical. However, October was AMAZING! We really didn't get sick. A few sniffles here and there, but nothing to stay home over. Then November was ok. A mild stomach bug that didn't really take us out. I had started giving the vitamins to hux-ta-bux as well. It also turned out that the constant congestion that dude-y had since birth was subsiding. I was also starting to drop more of the baby weight from hux-ta-bux without doing much else!

Now, we are all sick, but Shaklee is preventing me from feeling like I got run over by a train. I have the energy I need to keep up with them and that is so important to me (my kids rarely slow down when they're sick). I think I'd be in better shape it weren't for the 4+ straight years of either being pregnant, nursing, or both. Yes, I nursed through a pregnancy and briefly tandem nursed the two of them. I haven't quit breastfeeding since the day dude-y was born. Whew! That's makes me tired just typing it out. Plus, the two are right at the point where their immune systems are still building. They are supposed to be sick a lot.

Here's to a healthier 2015! At least, I know I have the energy to chase them well or sick! :-)