Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 28 - June 28--How do you do your laundry??Give your laundry tricks.

This post was submitted by Erin @ For Him and My Family

Wow, I've really fallen off this Summer Blog Challenge wagon!  It's been a rough couple of weeks! I haven't been feeling well or sleeping well, my husband went up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to play in the woods with his man friends, and my job switched us all to 7:30 - 3:30 hours.  The time change is only an hour, but it always knocks me for a loop.  My body doesn't adjust to the difference in time and I just can't seem to make the rest of my schedule work an hour earlier!  This summer is the hardest since I've also got a little one who still wakes frequently in the night to nurse.  Thank goodness I've put away the pump though, that's one less thing to take up my time and energy!

Now on to the blog prompt!

How do I do my laundry? I throw it in the wash and wash it!

Well, that's not entirely true, I have a system that my dear husband likes to completely ignore.  Since my pregnancy that caused my skin to be super sensitive, I wash my and my baby's clothes together on delicate with a mild detergent.  It used to be Tide Free & Clear, but I've since started using Rockin Green.  I then usually wash my husband's clothes and my workout clothes together on a delicate cycle.  We throw a little of Rockin Green's Funk Rock in the pre-wash  compartment to get the smellies out.  Towels by themselves on a sanitary wash (it keeps the towels fresh and unstinky). Sheets and blankets by themselves. Rags separate and on sanitary. And finally the diapers and bathroom wipes on a special wash we programmed into the washer. Occasionally, this wash gets a quick wash as an extra pre-wash.

Now my husband often likes to throw everything together so that the rags, baby clothes, towels, other delicates are all in one wash. I wouldn't have a huge problem with all things washed on delicate mixed or towels and rags mixed, but when everything is mixed the towels and rags don't get that good sanitary scalding hot water wash. I love trying to be green, but I also want nasties KILLED on the things that I use to dry my clean body and wipe my counters with. I also don't want my clothes picking up the germs and cleaners that were on the rags. But wait, what I am complaining for? My husband actually does laundry!!! And lots of other cleaning around the house. I just wish he'd keep the rags separate from our clothes and towels. That's all. I'm sure he wishes I'd put my clothes away more often! ;-)

What about you?